We are committed to improving the lifestyles of our clients by building strong, lasting relationships by providing a management service that not only maintains their assets but improves the value of that asset.



  • Handle correspondence
  • Convening and conducting Annual General Meeting, Special General Meetings and Committee Meetings.
  • Preparing circulars and conduct surveys If needed
  • Provide reports in a easy to understand format.
  • Provide Levy Reminders where needed



  • Operate and Maintain separate bank accounts for each owners corporation to provide transparency of all payments and receipts
  • Validating and Payment of Invoices
  • Preparation and presentation of Annual Financial Reports including Budget Forecasts.
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Business Activity Statements
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Tax Returns
  • Invoicing and Collecting Owners Corporation Fees from all members
  • Arrears Recovery Preparation
  • Provide for Direct Electronic Funds Transfer Facilities


Legal Compliance

  • Maintain an accurate record of correspondence , asset register, strata plan, rules and regulations
  • Complying to all requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 Regulations and Amendments.
  • Attending to statutory requirements
  • Enforcing the rules relating to common property.



  • Arrange and renew Insurances
  • Preparing and lodging insurance claims on behalf of the owners corporation where required.



  • Arranging for maintenance, repair and replacement of common property in accordance with the instructions of the owners corporation.
  • Arrange quotations for works to the common property.
  • Arrange a Maintenance Survey and Plan where required.



  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates (payable by applicant)
  • Maintain an address for receiving correspondence




Fee Structure

At TCP Owners Corporation Management Services we have a fee structure that is unique and reflective of the individual needs of Owners Corporations. Like most strata managers we have an annual management fee, but have incorporated free into that, disbursement fees and a host of additional services that are normally charged out at an hourly rate.


We believe that most of these services are part of the job and thus included in the Management fee.


Some Services naturally do attract a fee but generally they are fixed and quoted up

front, we will assure that you will be made fully aware of any extra costs before you



Example - Group of 3  Single Story Units approximately 5 Year Old

Relatively low maintenance, not needing any major building repairs, small front gardens and 1 small front lawn area.


Members Require - All book keeping and account services including

  • Maintain and operate Bank Account
  • Invoice payments
  • Preparation and distribution of financial statements and budgets Preparation and distribution of notices, agendas and minutes
  • Conduct and attend Annual General Meeting at owners preferred venue. Levy notification and collection.
  • Attendance to correspondences


Included at No Extra Cost (if required)

  • Maintaining the owners corporation roll and all registers required
  • Review the By-Laws and submit required forms to authorities needed for any amendments.
  • Review Legal requirements and obtain documentation necessary for compliance.
  • Open Interest Bearing Bank Trust Account in the name of Owners Corporation.
  • Review all services and contracts for efficiency and cost effective benefits.
  • Storage of archived Documents.
  • Complete and submit all forms necessary for transfer of management.
  • Erection of New plaque with Management Contact Details.
  • Conduct an On-site inspection noting all aspects of the property, including photographic images. Produce a Maintenance Survey and Action Plan for any necessary or suggested works.


Annual Management Fee - $735.00


Please note this is just an example. Prices may vary.